Joachim Hofmann-Fotograf

“The camery looks both ways” Quote Rick Sammnon

Without doubt - photography is an art form - behind the lens and behind the monitor.

There are “regular photos”, “good photos” and “excellent photos” - only the latter have the ability to raise emotions among viewers.
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born 1960

High School in Frankfurt/Main
Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering at TH Darmstadt
Dipl. Ing. TH


Early photographic work in a chemical dark room with classic black&white materials

Equipment: Canon A1 with motor body
Features Action photography “Sky diving” and “wild Sardinia”

1990s - 2005

Travel & People Photography
Early migration to digital photography
(Since 1995 purely digital )
Successive creation of a large digital archive



Changing the workflow towards  Raw-format - moving to Adobe Lightroom to manage the digital archive


Setting up a new photo studio
/ publishing and marketing the digital archive
Equipment Nikon D90 / with flash SB 900
Nikkor lenses


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